How to clean up a crime scene is the physical space where an event has occurred that warrants a police investigation; it is the place where evidence of the incident caused will be found. Contact Us.

How to clean up a crime scene

At the site where a violent incident occurs, the police investigate any clue that may be found. Once this procedure is completed, many police stations do not have the appropriate implementation to carry out the corresponding cleaning, which is why they go to agencies. With this service, how to clean up a crime scene.

Proper tools for cleaning a crime scene:

  • PPE: personal protective equipment, used by crime scene cleaners which includes: non-porous disposable gloves, chemical spill boots, filtered respirators and a protective suit.
  • Biohazard Disposal Containers: Both solid plastic containers and heavy-duty, sealable hazmat bags are available.
  • Cleaning supplies: mops, buckets, sponges, cleaning cloths, etc. traditional. Cleaning supplies should also be discarded after use.
  • Disinfectant solutions: such as bleach and peroxide.
  • Industrial-strength deodorants: They come in many different types and can be used in a fogging machine.
  • Solvents: Enzymatic solvents help disinfect and reliquefy dried blood.
  • Shovels: to put coagulated body fluids in bags.
  • Putty Knife: Putty knives are often necessary to remove organic matter from hard surfaces.
  • Razor blades or box cutters: Saturated carpets or upholstery should be cut and removed, as they cannot be cleaned effectively.
  • Ladders and long-reach cleaning brushes: to reach high walls and ceilings.

Professional cleaners often use photography equipment to recreate before and after crime scenes, so they can have evidence of how they found the place. At the same time, cleaners are also required to have their vaccination portfolio up to date.

Step-by-Step Crime Scene Cleanup Guide

  • You should always protect yourself before entering a crime scene, whether in full gear or perhaps just a mask and disposable gloves will be enough, so you can avoid direct contact with substances in the environment.
  • Get rid of anything that is not necessary: some non-porous materials can be disinfected, but there are others that cannot, which should be discarded immediately.
  • Disinfect: Clean surfaces thoroughly to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.
  • Review: Do a thorough review of the crime scene to locate fluids and secretions that may have been left throughout the crime scene.
  • Order: work cleaning in a single order, always recommending doing it from top to bottom.
  • Scrub: use traditional cleaning instruments (mops, brushes, rags, scrapers, etc.) and cleaning chemicals to ensure high-quality and durable work. Once this step is completed, discard all instruments used.

Before starting the cleanup, you need to define if the police have already completed the necessary investigations for the case and if they want you to take any consideration to proceed with the cleanup. It is necessary to restore the place to its original state and help families cope with the traumatic situation they have experienced.

Go to professionals how to clean up a crime scene

It is not recommended that a crime scene be cleaned by the same people in your family or close circle; it is always better to go to professionals who have a complete and specialized service. They, in turn, have ideal tools so that sanitation is optimal in how to clean up a crime scene.

It is important to note that cleaning crime scenes requires a special permit for the disposal of hazardous waste, since it cannot be disposed of in a common trash can. Because these companies use bactericides and germicides to clean and disinfect the scene, eliminating organic remains and odors with ozone. In addition, they are responsible for properly disposing of items removed from the stage, such as mattresses, carpets, curtains and clothing. Cleaning these sites is of utmost importance for the health of other people, because traces of infections, fluids, and so on may remain in the environment.

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