A hoarding disorder causes, basically someone who “stores” something, is characterized by collecting items or objects excessively without an apparent logical order. There is a need to save certain objects, just so that they can be used later.

Hoarding disorder causes

Now, hoarding disorder causes goes beyond the accumulation of things, it is a mental health condition that makes you accumulate objects in an extreme way without any sense, regardless of their origin or health. At the same time, there is also the accumulation of animals or plants. The homes of these people become unhygienic, unsafe and risky, because they have piles of things or objects accumulated, their homes become storage and not a place of protection.

Causes of Accumulation

According to the Hoarding Center of the International Foundation for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, it states that 75% of people who suffer from this disease do so because they have a concurrent mental health condition. The most common are depression, anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). On the other hand, various scientists around the world claim that the condition comes from genetic traits, brain function and stressful life events are the basis of this condition; this hypothesis has not yet been confirmed.

Scientific bases ensure that the first signs of a hoarder appear in early childhood or adolescence, but they cause greater havoc upon reaching the age of 30, this being a stage where maturity should prevail, generally causing great problems. For its part, it has also been shown that around the age of 60, people can accumulate events from their past, not letting go of things that remind them of happy times.

In the United States, a range of 6% of the population can suffer from this disorder, but many people hide it because they are embarrassed by this situation, even though they would like to improve, they cannot control this condition. All of these people need help to overcome this condition.

Why does my family member hoard?

Sometimes this question is difficult to answer, because there are multiple causes for accumulation, the truth is that it is a mental condition. They develop distressing behavior when thinking about getting rid of objects. Your loved one may feel that even an everyday or worthless item has great sentimental value, which will help them remember an important event or a person who would otherwise I would forget. Let us remember that this disorder affects the basic functions of the person, such as cooking, bathing, sleeping, among others. You must help your loved one with the greatest willingness, with affection and kindness.

Consequences of compulsive hoarding disorder causes

  • Messy piles, such as newspapers, clothing, papers, books or other items of sentimental value to the person hoarding.
  • Objects begin to hinder the spaces where you walk and live. Rooms can no longer be used for their intended purpose, such as not being able to sleep in your bed or use hallways for walking.
  • Garbage hoarding that creates unsanitary conditions in your home.
  • Emotional suffering or problems getting along in daily life, or maintaining your safety.
  • Conflict with other people who try to reduce or eliminate clutter in your home, causing problems with your family environment. Generally, these hoarding people tend to live alone.
  • Problems in relationships, social isolation and difficulties in finding work.
  • Difficulty maintaining order at home. Contact Us.

Compulsive hoarding disorder causes is a mental condition that requires as much help as possible, because these people lack the possibility of making accurate decisions, they will only defend the value position of their objects. Understanding will be the key to being able to collaborate with these people, since they rarely accept help from other people. This disorder also affects people with alcoholism and emotional dependence problems. This disorder can affect daily life and requires professional treatment to address it properly in a quick and easy way. As long as you can see a health professional in advance, you will have better results in terms of recovery.

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