Biohazard or biosecurity, biological agents include microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria and fungi, including genetically modified ones, human endoparasites and cell cultures. These microorganisms are highly adaptable to changes that occur in the environment, which means that they can be present in any environment and cause health damage such as infection, allergy or toxicity.

Now, when we talk about biological risk or biosafety, we focus on the measures and precautions taken to prevent and control the risk of exposure to biological agents in activities that involve the handling of potentially infectious agents, samples or patients.

Biohazard or Biosecurity

The duration of the safety measure to combat these microbial agents will depend on the level of contamination we are facing, whether it is a place of continuous exposure or perhaps momentary exposure. This contamination rate will depend on the infectious scope that these agents may have. Biosafety is especially relevant in sectors such as healthcare, clinical research laboratories, food production and agriculture. All this because it must be treated carefully because it is in full contact with the human being. Biological risk can also be suffered in the workplace, which consists of the action of being contaminated with toxic agents during the work day.

Characteristics of Pollutants

  • They are beings capable of reproducing quickly upon contact with the human body, developing bacterial infections or symptoms, deteriorating human health in a matter of time.
  • Biological agents can come from very broad bacterial strains, which are affected by factors such as temperature and humidity.
  • The types of biological agents can be: Viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites.

Routes of entry of biological agents into the human body

It should be noted that these agents can enter the human body through the dermal route (injuries or breaks), through the eyes (conjunctival mucous membranes), through the parents (punctures, cuts…), through the digestive tract (food or drinks), through the respiratory tract (inhalation of substances). Toxic). The respiratory route being the most common of all those mentioned.

Symptoms of Pollutants

You can have infections in your body caused by viruses or bacteria, in turn, you can suffer from poisoning or hallucinatory effects, you can also suffer from repeated allergies due to mites or mold. In short, you can suffer from any disease that the bacterial strain causes. Thus triggering prolonged discomfort to the body if it is not treated in time and with the necessary medication.

Importance of Biosecurity

It is essential to prevent and control biological risk in activities that involve the manipulation of biological agents, samples or potentially infectious patients. And it is of great importance to implement isolation if considered protecting other people around you. The level of biosafety that you will obtain will be determined by a person specialized in the subject, a professional or technician, who will present the results according to tests and recommendations.

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