In all areas of life, there is always a health risk, and bio hazardous cleaning no exception. Being in constant contact with bacteria and viruses that rest on the surfaces we clean, our risk of contracting a disease is much higher, as well as using certain products that are made with a series of chemicals can significantly affect our health and progressively deteriorate it.

Bio hazardous cleaning

Now, if cleaning is carried out in places such as hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories, among others, the risk of having an illness is much greater. These diseases can be seen in symptoms such as dermatitis, allergies, among others. But at the same time, cleanliness is necessary for all human beings, just don’t overdo it.

Highly contagious products

  • Fragrant: It is so harmful to health because it contains EDTA, which is a contaminant. It can cause skin irritations, allergies, itchy eyes and other more serious diseases such as asthma.
  • Bathroom detergent: They have chlorine, which could be the most dangerous compound in cleaning products and the one that would affect your health the most if you use it repeatedly.
  • Bleaches: They contain sodium hypochlorite, they should never be combined with ammonia, it would be extremely dangerous for human health. It is used to clean surfaces or even white clothes.
  • Soap: All these cleaning products always contain concentrated chemicals in their ingredients that alter our health and deteriorate our immune system.
  • Degreases: They usually contain toxic solvents, which can damage important organs such as the liver and kidneys.

Disposal of medical waste

Hazardous medical waste, such as cerebrospinal fluid, peritoneal fluid, amniotic fluid and other body fluids, should be handled according to global preventive standards and then taken to a licensed incinerator. As for deodorization, when the biohazard is cleaned and the area is disinfected, the odors dissipate.

How to avoid dangers or risks that may occur

  • Try to ventilate the room well while you are cleaning, open windows and doors so that fresh air can flow through, never clean in a completely enclosed place with chemical products.
  • Keep cleaning products tightly closed, identified and out of the reach of children, since their consumption can threaten anyone’s life.
  • Monitor the ingredients that each substance contains carefully and make sure you are not allergic to any of them.
  • Avoid products that contain warnings; there are products on the market that replace these products with safe options for your health.
  • Never mix products (especially bleach and ammonia) as it can result in a super toxic chemical reaction.

Proliferation of germs and parasites

It should be noted that in a dirty environment there is a greater proliferation of bacteria, germs and parasites, producing a high density for contracting diseases of any type. The need for hygiene in our spaces such as our home and where we work will make us feel more comfortable in our routine. To maintain cleanliness, certain cleaning products are used that guarantee that result. Now, for this it is better that you choose options that are little harmful or corrosive to health, such as baking soda, vinegar, lemon and hydrogen peroxide.

It should be noted that protecting your health is the priority and can be affected by an everyday task such as cleaning. This task can also be carried out in your work, for which it is of utmost importance that you prepare yourself a day by taking appropriate measures to carry it out.

Find out what you can achieve with bio hazardous cleaning and get a deep clean in your home or workplace. Remember, at Infinity Cleanse we offer these services, which are completely exclusive.

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